Raising Vibrantly Healthy Kids

Raising Vibrantly Healthy Kids

I imagine you came here as you are hoping to raise healthy kids.

I think in order to achieve this goal we must grow and care and tend to our gardens and teach our children to do the same. My professor said something profound this week:

“We do not inherit the microbiota from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

This is something I have come to understand deeply, and only wish I knew sooner. The choices we make and help our children make about their health, what they eat, their lifestyle, the way they love, the way they manage stress, and the way they move through this world will impact the wellbeing of ourselves, our children, and the many generations to come.⠀

I am reminded this semester of my school work that there are many things that once are lost…can’t always be repaired based on our current technology.

Research shows that Westerners have lost the range of bacteria that live in our bodies.

The diverse bacteria in our body have the ability to protect them from agents that can cause disease, support the immune system, extract nutrients and energy from food, and impact a range of functions in our bodies. The shape and diversity of a microbiome is determined by several factors, which include mode of birth, ability to breastfeed, genetics, stress, presence of disease, age, living conditions, diet, and the use of medications like antibiotics and NSAIDs.

We can only pass on to the next generation what we have, not what is lost. These lifestyle choices can eliminate or reduce bacteria from the body, and once a species is eliminated it can’t be repopulated through our current interventions. While some of these choices are life saving and can’t be prevented, others can. Visit here to learn how you and your family can nourish the important bacteria in your gut for a lifetime of health.⠀

We must teach our children to grow and care for their internal gardens and bodies as if their health and the health of their future children depends on it.⠀

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