Meet Lydia - Growing Up Healthy

Meet Lydia – Growing Up Healthy

When parents learn their child will be born with a cleft lip and/or palate, they are often concerned and even scared. And it’s natural to experience fear – fear over what it will mean for their new child’s health and even her or his future well-being. During what are often emotional discussions, I try to answer all their questions and above all, reassure them that we can help. An extensive health care team – from surgeons and dentists to speech pathologists and genetic experts – will be with them every step of the way.

And there is someone else that I hope can help in the process – hearing from one of my patients, Lydia.

Lydia is a resilient and positive young woman with an amazing spirit. She has now officially “graduated” from our program because she has completed all her treatments. But, Lydia is hoping to pursue an education in medicine, maybe even pediatric surgery! And, like so many of my patients, she is truly an inspiration.

By sharing her story in the video below it is my hope that Lydia can help families learn they are not alone. And while it is an health issue their child will face throughout his or her young life, together we can help ensure a very bright future lies ahead.

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