Healthy Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising is essential for many schools, sports teams, and community organizations. Fundraising events and activities provide a powerful opportunity to send consistent, positive health messages, enhance classroom lessons and promote healthy living to children and families. Traditional fundraisers often focus on selling low-nutrition foods, which put children and family health and student performance in jeopardy. Why not promote healthy eating or physical activity and raise money for your school, sports team, or organization at the same time? Fundraising can act as an opportunity to be healthy role models in your community.

Here are some healthy fundraising ideas to get you started:

Fundraisers that Promote Healthy Eating

  • Fruit and vegetables boxes, baskets or bundles
  • Healthy spices and seasonings
  • Cookbook of families’ healthy recipes
  • Cookware and kitchen utensils
  • Herb starter kits
  • School seed stores
  • Farmers markets
  • Family nights at healthy restaurants

 Other Non-Food Fundraising Ideas

  • Car washes
  • Game night, bingo night
  • Auctions (live, silent or online)
  • Candles, lotions, soaps greeting cards, stationary
  • Plants, flowers, bulbs, seeds
  • Discount cards/coupon books
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Recycling (cell phones, printer cartridges)
  • School spirit apparel and merchandise
  • Holiday-themed decorations and greenery
  • Rent a special parking spot
  • Parents’ day/night out — provide childcare with open gym and activities for kids so parents can holiday shop or have an evening out
  • Community craft fairs or garage sales — solicit donated items to sell
  • Raffle tickets with donated prizes and special items — like a front row “VIP” reserved seat at a school concert

 Fundraisers that Promote Physical Activity

  • Fun walks or runs
  • Walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, jump-rope-a-thons, bowl-a-thons, skate-a-thons, hula-hoop-a-thons
  • School dances
  • Family obstacle courses
  • Golf or tennis tournaments
  • Teacher-student competitions (volleyball, softball, Frisbee)
  • Community garden assistance (weeding, raking) for donations
  • Sale or delivery of garden mulch, water softener salt or other home maintenance items for set price
  • 30-day fitness and fundraising challenges
  • Sport camps for adults — enlist high school athletic teams to hold introductory classes for kids or partner with city parks and recreation

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