Resistance Band Abs Workout – BARLATES BODY BLITZ Target 15 Abs

Welcome to the Target 15 series. You will target all your problem areas with 15 rounds of 60 second intervals. You will add extra equipment such as ankle weights, resistance bands and pilates ball to some of the exercises to increase the burn even more. The workouts are easy to follow, but tough to do. They require very little space and guarantee results if you do them on a regular basis.

In Target 15 Abs you will use a resistance loop to increase the intensity of Pilates style abs exercises. You will see knee and toe reverse curls, walking straight leg curls, upper and lower alternating curls, diagonal arm sweeps with leg lifts, knee then straight leg lower ab raises, cross legged oblique crunches, in and out knees with tucks, centre side side tuck twists, split leg in and ups with curl, frog leg extensions with raise and diamond arm and leg reaches. Lots of variety and angle changes to keep your body responding.

Fitness level: intermediate/advanced
Equipment: resistance loop
Duration: 17 mins

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