6 Best Post Pregnancy Exercises

Do you want to give a try to Post Pregnancy Exercise? Not sure about the results, then check out this video & find out ways to keep yourself & baby healthy.

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Note: This video is a part of joint collaboration between Ali Graboski and Consumer Health Digest.

Ali Graboski is a pregnancy and baby care expert. She loves to share her knowledge about how to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. According to Ali, exercise can help you to strengthen your muscles and return your pre-baby body after pregnancy.

Video Transcript

Hi moms,

Since you’re watching this video it means you’re about to have a baby or you already gave birth to your precious bundle of joy. Now that your baby is here, I’m sure you’re wondering what exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles and return your pre-baby body.

Here are 6 exercises you can do:

1. Pelvic tilt
Improves deep abdominal strength and stamina. You can do this exercise as early as one week after vaginal birth. In case you had C-section you’ll have to wait for 8 to 10 weeks

2. Pelvic bridge
Strengthens the transverse, buttocks, and lower back section. Do this and the following exercises 6 weeks after birth

3. Heel slides
Strengthens lower back region, transverse, and supports your core.

4. Towel pulse
Strengthens transverse

5. Single-leg stretch with towel
Gives you stronger, sleeker-looking torso

6. Yoga boat
Strengthens the abdomen, spine, and hip flexors.

Perform 5 reps of each exercise and work your way up to 10.

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