The Concrete Impact of Eating Vegan Once a Week

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We all know that eating more plant-based foods is good for our health, the planet, and the animals. But what is the impact of eating vegetarian or vegan once a week? What are the numbers, the concrete data of one vegan day? In the video, we discuss the impact of eating vegan once a week, and we see what benefits we see in one day and what happens if we keep eating plant-based one day a week for the entire year.

We look at the problem from 3 points of view and see what happens if you go vegan for just one day a week: the environment, our health, and the animals.

Why are we talking about one day a week? Well, vegan or vegetarian diet might be great for some people, while others just can’t do it all the time. But we can all exclude animal products from our diet for one day, that is not a hard thing to do. And that one-day matters, we do a lot of good. Because eating more plant-based foods has a way bigger impact on the planet than recycling for example. So what are the benefits of eating plant-based once a week when we talk about the environment?

Eating vegan one day a week we save a lot of water, grains, and energy. In a year of eating vegan once a week, the numbers jump. The amount of grains is what we eat in the 11-15 year, the water we save is the quantity we use in one year and a half. Our digestion improves, and we have more energy by eating plant-based once a week. And we save 52 animals per year.

Giving up meat and cheese all together is not for everyone, but one vegan day a week is nothing, yet it has a huge impact. Especially when we compare the small sacrifice we make with the huge impact this choice has on our planet.

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