Cold Press Oil Extraction Machine,-Sesame Oil Extraction Machine,Peanut Oil Extraction Machine

Cold Press Oil Extraction Machine,-Sesame Oil Extraction Machine, Peanut Oil Extraction Machine

In all types of Machine’s, Peanuts, Sesame seeds, and coconut oil can be produced.
Even though many are MAKING checkup machines today, they often lack efficiency in their design and operation. But ours are MAKING by carpenters who come families that have been MAKING chekku machines for HERIDITORY generations. Our construction is very efficient that oil flows without any blockage.
Also, our olakkai is designed in such a way that it can be easily removed and attached. If one looks at our chekku and others, they’ll know the difference. Our chekku machine grinds well than others. It doesn’t hold a lot of oil in CAKE punnakku. It also allows punnaku to be easily removed from chekku.
Also in our village, 28 chekku were integrated and co-operative society was coordinated by it. Even though the industry is losing in time, it now gives the experience it will make cold-pressed oil known as “Chekku ennai” in Tamil can be grinder using traditional wooden crushers powered by electric motors.
We produce three types of chekku.
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1. This is a wooden trunk for the breed, and the circular rink two you can take the base of the base and change the stone. this chekku price Rs.210000/-,GST,forwarding,clearance etc.
2. The checku are the base of which is made of stone, You can take the base of the stone and change the tree wood Price Rs.175000/-GST,forwarding, clearance, etc
3. This one of the most ancient Power ghana chekku bottom is stone, Top ulakkai is wood. The bottom of the stone is fixed. Bed bolt should be placed. Groundnut, sesame and coconut oil can be produced by this Machine. More slowly than wooden oil can cause less heat. The motor is mounted on the top part. In this type of chekku, most people will use concrete pillars. But we are making an iron channel. This is why the chekku can easily be taken and to fix another place. This method gets too much space because the sequence is high in the gap and there is a lot of light and airflow. Price.Rs,220000/GST,forwarding,clearance etc& bed civil works ,bolt,wooden beam etc.
To deploy an oil grinder,
1. A 3HP motor is sufficient
2. Installing bed bolt is not required
3. The unit can be easily moved from one place to another
3. Since the crusher part is made out of wood, oil is grinder in a natural way like the traditional chekku
4. No heat is generated during grinding and as a result, the nutritional properties of the oil is preserved
5. 15kg to 18 kg of raw material can be grinder in 45 minutes
6. Can be assembled without a fitter
7. Even women can operate by themselves
8.Very low investment
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