310 Nutrition | 310 Juice Berry | 310 Juice Superfood and Cleanse

310 Juice Berry is a new flavor of 310 Juice Superfood and Cleanse w/ a subtly sweet, natural berry taste! https://bit.ly/2KdUVn6

This nutrient-packed, healthy juice is so good, you’ll forget that it offers over 100 superfoods per serving (and has NO sugar).

Unlike traditional juicing which can burn a hole in your wallet and suck up your precious time and energy, 310 Mixed Berry Juice is economical, fast and easy! You no longer have to mess with a bulky, expensive juicer or waste time preparing fruits and veggies and then cleaning up!

How to drink 310 Juice?
Just add one 310 juice packet into a glass or your 310 Shaker Cup with 12 oz. of water, mix and enjoy. With 310 Juice Berry, eating your fruits and veggies never tasted this good!

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