Good morning everyone! I hope you are feeling full of love and turkey on this day after thanksgiving! We had such a quiet and perfect holiday and now we’re gearing up to shop and deck out our home in the finest tacky that Christmas has to offer. There are soRead More →

Welcome to Mozambique! We went to Mozambique Island to discover the local dishes. Some might say that, as a vegan, you’re missing out in all of the “seafood” tourists are offered. So we tried the vegan seafood! Matapa is a traditional dish in Mozambique. In the Island, it is madeRead More →

Dubbed by some as Thailand’s newest “superfood” this beautiful black rice is both healthy and delicious! BONUS RECIPE: Riceberry Congee, check it out here: JOIN US ON PATREON FOR BONUS CONTENT: MY KITCHEN TOOLS & INGREDIENTS: WRITTEN RECIPES: MY COOKBOOK: CONNECT WITH ME! More →

Dr. K is a psychiatrist who has helped with nutrition and weight loss. Click this link to subscribe! Livestream and Schedule: _____ Nutrition is a tricky subject to nail down. The science of nutrition is built on certain assumptions such as everyone reacting to the nutrients the sameRead More →

Nancy shows how easy it is to juice fruits and vegetables using a Breville Juicer. For more information, go to or contact Nancy at Order Nancy’s book, “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” 2nd edition. It is a bestseller that has won 8 book awards! It is nowRead More →