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Questioner: Hello (Testing the microphone). Namaskaram Sadhguru. Sadhguru one of the five elements pancha bhuta is akasha – space and in one of your You Tube videos I’ve heard you I mean you say ether… you mentioned ether about space in akasha. So once you… in your talk now in time travel you talk about space. So this ether and ___(unclear -space?) akasha I’m bit confused. Can you please elaborate on the ether part?

Sadhguru: I’m glad you are confused (Laughter) because confusion is a much better state to be than stupid conclusions that one makes, confusion means you’re still looking, that’s nice. That’s my intent to keep you confused (Laughter/Applause), yeah because I want you to be seeking always. Nobody said akasha is space, we said akash is ether – that’s not an appropriate translation but reasonably. Ether is not space, ether is a certain dimension of existence – subtle. When we say space, we are talking about kala or non-existence, we are talking about Shi-va – “that which is not.” When we say akash we are talking about that which is. Here you are… Here you are as a human being, there’re many levels from grossness to subtleness here. If you have constipation you still have something gross inside you, hmm? Above that there is little more refined aspects of body, above that there is a lungful of air, above that there’s a brain and thought and emotion and so many things. And there is life going in and out. And there is akasha involved. There is water, there is physical material, there is air, there is temperature, there’s fire and there is akash which makes this. Don’t try to understand that, just get this right (Referring to oneself) because this is made… this is a mini-cosmos. So if you perceive this right, you know that because today there is no question about this anymore.

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