3 Hacks for Grounding Yourself: Most Powerful Grounding Techniques

In this video, I share with you three ways that I ground myself. I don’t just share them with you, but I actually take you with me, and I show you the exact things that I do that I’ve learned how to ground myself into the present moment. Now first off, the thing I want to do is share with you what grounding really is. Well, grounding is when we anchor ourselves into the present moment. It’s when we really connect to the present energy of who we are.
Now with that being said, I’ll say that in society, especially now more than ever, we have technology. With technology, while there are many, many benefits of it, there are sometimes side effects of it that cause us to be more, I guess you could say conceptual. It almost bring us, because we’re staring at a screen, it brings us more to a place to where we’re more stimulated with our thoughts. We’re more identified with what we’re thinking about, and then it turns out to where our thoughts are more thinking us rather than us thinking the thoughts. It’s almost like that switch gets flipped.
But what grounding allows us to do is switch it back to where we are present into the moment, and then we are able to then more readily become and use that present energy, rather than us being used by our mind as much. Now, I kind of had to learn this out of necessity, I guess you could say, because when … If you know a little bit about my story, I used to have ADHD, and I took Adderall, which is the prescription drug they give for it. From taking that for years, I decided I wanted to find something else, so I learned meditation, and that completely changed my life. It changed my energy, and within like two weeks, completely got rid of Adderall. I learned these three things I’m going to share with you out of necessity, and the three things that have had a huge impact on my life. What I’m going to do now is show you the first one of what I do, and it’s one of the ones that I enjoy doing the most, and let’s go do it now.
This technique is the most powerful technique that I’ve found for being able to ground myself. Now, it’s simply coming outside and deciding to walk barefoot on the ground. I’ve been doing this for years now, and I find that when I do it, I sleep much better at night, my stress levels tend to go down, and I tend to just simply feel more balanced. Now with that being said, there’s also coming out some levels of research that are showing that this is actually something that’s good for the body. One of those is showing the effects that it has on the negative ions of our body. Like our body is naturally at a negative ionized state. What happens is is as we go through our daily life activities, and now I mean since especially because we walk around in shoes with rubber in between us and the ground, the idea is that we are more than ever immersed into the idea of technology, which means that those have EMF waves, and it’s affecting our energy to where now we have an abundance of positive ions that we accumulate throughout the day.
Now, one of the simplest ways of balancing out our energy is coming outside where there’s an abundance of negative ions. In the planet and in grass, there’s an abundance of negative ions, and therefore when we come here, we’re more likely to balance our state out naturally. If you can’t sleep at night and you have problems sleeping, try grounding yourself before you go to bed. It’s something I do every single night. I come out here for just a couple minutes and decide that I’m going to walk barefoot on the grass, and I find that I sleep much better at night simply because of that. But more so than ever, they’re starting to really understand that there’s benefits to the idea of grounding. It’s going from some spiritual like woo-woo idea to something that’s becoming more and more understood, and I think in the future, it’ll come to be more accepted as something that’s very beneficial to the body. Just like eating healthy has now been shown that it has an effect on our immune system and how we are in our energy levels. So eventually, I think it’ll be something that’s proven, but until then, the only way you’re really going to know, is if you decide to go out and try it for yourself. So get outside. See if it works for you.
Okay, well I was just getting ready to do that. I’ll explain how it relates. Now, I know this seems like something that’s a little bit off topic from the idea of grounding ourselves while we’re in grass, but this idea comes from understanding, first off, that the foods that we eat can be grounded in the idea of nature itself. Now, the reason I think this is so important is because there’s more and more research coming out that’s explaining …

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This video is about 3 Hacks for Grounding Yourself: Most Effective Grounding Techniques


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