Fat Loss Without Surgery

Many women find themselves seeking out the most recent diet fads, weight loss pills, and weight loss devices to get rid of unwanted, stubborn areas of body fat. Some even find themselves resorting to dangerous surgical procedures, such as liposuction, that can cause severe, lifelong health issues. If you have thought about resorting to these extremes, or considered going under the knife, make sure to do your research so you know what all of your options are and what the risks associated with each one is before making any decisions. With so many safe options available to help you lose that unwanted fat, surgery can often be removed from the equation. There are a few non-surgical techniques available and they all have their pros and cons. Here are a couple of those options and the good and bad of each.

  • “Fat Melting” Injections – In the last decade fat “dissolving” injections have been the subject of some positive, but much more negative, speculation. A few of the positives of fat dissolving injections are:
    • There is no down time.
    • Injections are relatively painless.
    • Treatment cost is less than most other treatments.
  • A few of the negatives from this type of treatment are:
    • There is no standard as to what is in the injection cocktail, it varies by doctor and pharmaceutical company.
    • It only works on small areas. It is not good for larger areas.
    • No one really knows what happens to the fat. There are only theories.
    • Fat dissolving injections are, currently, not approved by the FDA
  • Coolsculpting – This type of fat eliminating treatment claims to freeze, thus killing, fat cells in whatever area of the body is treated. The fat cells die and leave your body as waste. Some of the pros of Coolsculpting include:
    • No downtime after sessions.
    • This is an FDA approved procedure to eliminating fat cells.
    • They claim that a person will lose 20 to 30% of the fat in the treated areas.
  • A few of the cons with this treatment are:
    • The treatments are rather expensive and can take multiple attempts to get desired results.
    • One of the possible side effects is severe nerve pain in the treated areas that can last several weeks.
    • They recommend you be within 20 lbs of your ideal body weight. This is not a good option for someone who is wanting to get rid of more than just a couple of pounds.
    • The suction from the machine can leave large, painful bruises.
    • Each area treated takes 50 minutes. With one lower abdominal treatment (which consists of 2 parts) takes almost 2 hours.
  • SculpSure – This is one of the latest technologies to non-invasively get rid of areas of stubborn belly and flank fat. The lasers heats and damages the fat cells, without affecting the skin. The cells break down and are expelled from the body through the lymphatic system.
    • It is the first FDA-approved laser treatment.
    • There is no downtime.
    • Treatments are relatively painless with little to no side effects.
    • Treatment times are shorter, 25 minutes, versus 50 minutes using other methods.
    • Because the lasers only target fat cells the surrounding tissue and nerves are unharmed.
  • There are very few negatives but we will address them.
    • Depending on geographic location, these treatments can be expensive, however still less costly than alternatives.
    • Continued result will be seen over the course of 12 weeks when you go back for your follow-up appointment, but desired results may require more than 1 session.
    • Some patients have reported a slight burning feeling in the treatment area for a couple of days but nothing more than a vigorous workout would cause.

These are just a few options to aid you in losing fat without having to resort to surgery. Be sure to take time to do your own research on each one.

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