How to Help Your Parents Navigate Dementia | “Silver Tsunami,” “Seniors” & Ageism

Have you seen news articles talking about the “Silver Tsunami?” Ever been to the grocery store greeting card section with “Over the Hill” cards? You want to support your parents as a loving daughter and advocate but you’re not sure how.

In this video, I’ll talk about why the terms “Silver Tsunami” and “Seniors” drive me crazy, and how this philosophy helped me choose my company logo (it’s deeper than you think!)

I will touch briefly on:
– Ageism in the U.S.
– Why “Silver Tsunami” is a Harmful Term
– Why we should use the word “Elders” to replace “Seniors”
– A different way to look at people with Dementia

Question for You: What are examples of ageism that you see in this country? Share in the comments below!

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