The Best Way To Up-bring & Spiritually Uplift Children. – Powerful Light Transmission

“Interviews with Jivanmukti” on vital spiritual questions and topics.
This video is a Spiritual Transmission and addresses questions of spirituality, family life and children, upbringing of children and the best way to pass on knowledge to the children and future generations, family values, and social values, well-being and spiritual evolution, the essence of our natural being and co-existing, ways to clear karmic debts, Siddha Way, Spiritual awakening, transformation, oneness, spiritual being, enlightenment, pineal, and pituitary glands activation, third eye and other. It is a part of new series ” Interviews with Jivanmukti”.

For more information go to and or read the book by Jivanmukti ( Siddha Param Para: The key to Bio-spiritual Immortality)


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