How To Guide: Building Daily Healthy Habits

How To Guide: Building Daily Healthy Habits

The Lowdown:

Sitting for long periods, using motorized transportation (such as a bus or car), watching television, playing passive video games and playing on the computer – these are a few examples of Sedentary behaviour, or in other words, the time when children are doing very little physical movement.

The Plan:

  • Active Transportation: Instead of driving, walk to school with a group of kids from the neighbourhood
  • Active Play: Limit after-school TV watching. Plan time outdoors instead!
  • Active Family Time: Instead of video games in the evening, introduce the family to a new active game.

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 The Achievements:

  • Healthy bodies: Being active helps kids build a healthy heart, bones and muscles. It also helps to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Better grades: Being active helps to improve memory and concentration, fosters creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Positive self-esteem and good mental health: Physical activity helps children feel good about themselves. It provides opportunity to help them master a skill. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.



Better social skills: Playing games and participating in team activities helps children make new friends, learn team-building skills and self-discipline.

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Are your children meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines? Let us know about the types of activities you do with your kids in the comments below!


Source: Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

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