Fighting Fat with Pinpoint Accuracy

Fighting Fat With Pinpoint Accuracy

They’re the two most oft-mentioned methods of weight loss: diet and exercise. There’s good reason you keep hearing those words. Their effects are not just physical, but mental, which allows you to build off of your accomplishments and push yourself further. Your physical health or appearance can affect your mental health, which can lead to the development of good or bad habits that then alter how we look and/or feel. Perpetuating that cycle – for better or worse – is something we humans excel at. It’s important to realize, then, what you want and what options you have in getting there.

Indeed, a good diet and consistent exercise are the two key aspects of reaching your physical goals… though what happens if you’ve reached a stature you’re cool with, but don’t feel like certain areas don’t quite reflect your efforts? You may consider certain fat removal procedures that aren’t meant for drastic weight loss, but rather for shaping those places; treatments such as ones that utilize the warmth and lasers as opposed to scalpels and suction. Laser fat reduction has become a popular alternative for those who want to target specific areas in the hopes that the last bit of those fatty areas finally fall away, but like any medical procedure, there needs to be some research done.

First and foremost, seek out a doctor who you feel extremely comfortable with. Your body is whatever you want it to be, but having a doctor that doesn’t mind being asked fifty thousand questions will certainly help guide you to a satisfying point.

Technologically speaking, laser fat removal is a fantastic example of medical science at work. In not-so-many words, lasers that are cool to your skin warm up targeted fat cells to the point where the fat they carry inside liquefies. The cells are then removed by the body naturally via lipolysis. If your brain immediately started thinking of juice fasts, don’t worry. You won’t need to move into the bathroom while you’re receiving treatments.

One advantage of the procedure is that it can be done in multiple areas with extreme precision (these are lasers, after all), or around larger areas if necessary. Initially, the area in question is marked by your doctor, who then applies the machines that will perform the actual warming of the cells. Your skin is actually cooled at first before it begins alternating between warming the cells underneath and slightly cooling your skin.  

Slowly, the cells underneath are warmed until they liquefy the fat contained within. The cells soon barely puncture, allowing the body to begin the process of removing the now-liquid (and more easily processed) fat. As all this goes on, you can relax, chat on the phone, or even take a nap! Treatments approximately 25 minutes or so.

Noninvasive treatments like SculpSure can be thought of as a way to dial in those areas that just don’t seem to answer to what you have tried.  If you’re considering laser fat removal as a way to target and tone parts of your body, but have further questions, make an appointment with your local doctor who specializes in SculpSure (or similar procedures) to discuss how the treatment can benefit you. Having someone knowledgeable, experienced and helpful to consult with can be a great first step towards improving how you feel mentally, getting that cycle started in the right direction.

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