TOP 5 CORE EXERCISES WITH A BENCH (Six Pack Exercises for Strong Abs)

*Here are Six Pack Exercises for Strong Abs using a standard bench…The best part about these TOP 5 CORE EXERCISES WITH A BENCH is that they are safe for your spine and build an iron six pack!*

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Training the core using a bench is one of the best forms of training your body can go through. Being really strong with weights is great and has plenty of benefit BUT being really strong in a variety of positions is even better and you can accomplish just that without resistance and using a bench.

By doing Six Pack Exercises for Strong Abs like you see in this video, even intermediate and advanced athletes will be challenged to do several reps. It’s not always about how many but more about creating tension in the muscles. Quality over quantity which is the focus of these exercises.

If you really want to improve core strength as effectively as possible, some of the best exercises you can include in your program require you to think outside the box. The exercises in this video are some of the very best core strengthening exercises out there since it trains your core muscles based on their true function, which is to act as a stabilizing center.


1. V Sit Tuck
2. Seated Up & Over
3. Flutter Kick
4. Standing Up & Over
5. Leg Lift & Reach

Proper technique and form is very simple but make sure you pay attention to the demonstration in this video.

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