Prevent FALLS with These Simple Balance Exercises for Seniors and Elderly Adults

**Gain STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE in EVERY step you take. Expert Movement Coach Brian Klepacki gives you EXACTLY what you need for you to take your next step safely.**

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Balance is something we all need in everyday life, especially those who are young at heart! Over time our balance has become an after thought until we are found afraid to take the next step. As we age should never lose the strong mind-muscle connection if we care about quality of life and staying injury-free.

Here are 5 of the BEST balance exercises for the older population out there trying to improve balance. These moves will absolutely help your body feel more GROUNDED….and being barefoot as you see Coach Brian in this video is a HUGE part of having a stronger mind-muscle connection.

Practice these balance exercises to gain STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE in EVERY step you take. Not only that you’ll strengthen that mind-muscle connection that will lead to improved brain performance which has a huge impact in as we age.

Here are the 5 balance exercises you need to do:

Single Limb Balance
Rock the Boat
Clock Reach
Side Leg Raise
Marching in Place

For more balance related content check out Coach Chris’ TOP 3 Balance Exercises for Beginners video here:


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