Pilates: Thera Band Arms – Women's Fitness

Pilates: Thera Band Arms – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Charlotte and this is Alice and we are here at Streamline Pilates studio in Brooklyn Heights, NY. We are going show you a series that you can use the Thera Band to strengthen you arm and your shoulder joint. Sitting on a ball, or sitting anywhere actually, your feet are about hip distance apart, your knees are aligned with your hips and your feet, and let’s just take your hands on either ends of the Thera Band and walk your hand in to accumulate the Thera Band in your hands.

You want to have about 10 inches or a foots distance apart when you are finished, and then take a minute and just hug your elbows right into your ribs, there going to stay there glued the whole time and then for a minute just bring those ribs together, drawing them into the body, drawing them into the back of your body. Navel back towards your spine, your sitting up tall, your lifting up out of your hips, and staying in this position just five or ten times. Rotate that right arm out to the side keeping your wrist as straight as you can, you dont want to bend your wrist in any direction. Your elbow is glued to your ribs. And to the other side, 5 or 10. Nicely done. And then let’s do 5 or 10 with both arms. Great.

And now let’s bring your arms out in front, let a little more distance apart. Palms are facing down, your shoulders are down along your back, your ribs are buttoned together, your navel is still back towards your spine and you are going to bring your hands apart a little wider than your shoulders and back together for five or ten. And holding it five, four, three, wrist straight here, two, one. Great. And now lets bring it up, keeping those shoulders down along your back and your ribs buttoned together. Up over your head, and back down to your thighs. Good.

So you are trying not to move your shoulders around, you are trying not to move your ribs around as your arms moves and your shoulder joint. Keeping the pressure steady so that you are not pulling the theraband further apart, not pulling your hands further apart or closer together as you lift and lower. So now let’s repeat that with your palms up, shoulders are still down and five or ten bringing them apart and back together. And holding it apart for five or ten counts. Three, two, one and then lifting it up and back down again lifting it up and back down again letting your shoulder move through that shoulder joint. Your arms are moving around your ribs, your torso is steady. Excellent, ok.

We are going to change your grip again, and bring your hands back behind your head, shoulders are down along your back, ribs are buttoned together, navel is scooped, and just a little tricep press here to strengthen these muscles in the bottom of your arms. Good. Five or ten. Hands up in front, lets change your grip on the theraband, one hands down, the other hand is up, and now we are going to do a diaganol apart, five or ten. Your ribs have not moved, your shoulders have not moved as your arms have switched exercises and positions. Great, and then switch again, palm up and palm down on the lower end. Five or ten. Good. And remember if you start to get tired, make it smaller you do not have to make this a huge range of motion. Great.

And last exercise, palms are down and just a nice big stretch, bring your arms up over your head and back in front. And you can let your ribs move with this one, yes, as long as it doesnt hurt your back or your neck, or your shoulder, go for the stretch. Good. You are breathing. Inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth. And you can do five or ten of that too. And then you’re ready for the next exercise.


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