How to Lose Arm Fat Fast | Home Exercise Arm Fat Lose

Secret to Lose Stubborn Fat By 1-3 Inches
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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast | Home Exercise Arm Fat Lose
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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast: Arm Workout

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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast | Home Exercise Arm Fat Lose

Having an Embarrassing Jiggly Arms, Called Triceps, If You Feel Uncomfortable to Wear Sleeveless Shirts, Then You Are Not the Only One.

Most Case of 2 Main Reasons of Flabby Arms, is Due to AGE & Body FAT.
– Our Skin Get Saggier When it Loses its Elasticity When We Turns Older
– Losing Weight Can Help to Reduce Body Fat Including Our Arm Fat.

You Must Need to Tone Your Muscles By Doing Resistance Exercises Can Perform at Home, & Some Exercise Requires 1-2 kg Hand Weights (Dumbbells) or Heavier Weight if You Can.

Triceps Dips
You will Need a Stable Chair to Perform this Exercise.
1. Place Your Hands Based on Shoulder-Width Apart on Chair, While Your Butt Should be infront of the Chair.

1. Place Your Hands on The Floor Under Your Shoulders.

Knee Push-Ups
1. If You Find it’s Too Hard, Change Your Starting Position By

Counter Push-Ups
1. If Still Too Hard, You Can Start with Simple Counter Push-Ups.

Tricep Kickbacks
This Exercise Requires 1-2 kg of Weights.
1. Hold Your Weights & Get On the Floor While With Knees & Toes Touching the Floor.

Tricep Extensions
You Perform this Exercise Either by Standing or Lying on Floor & Will Required 1-2 kg of Weights.
1. Raise Your Arms Above Your Chest If You Lie on the Floor

If you stand on the floor, You Should Stand With Knees Soft & Don’t Locked.
1. Straighten Your Arms While Your Elbows Close Next To Your Ears

Bent-Over Row
1. Place your Feet Follow by Shoulder-Width Apart

One Arm Push-ups
1. Lie On Your Left Side With Your Knees Slightly Bent

If you can do more intense exercise for much effective arm fat burning, such as

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