Core Workout

Core Workout for Beginners

Core workout for the beginners, a mini guide!

Exercise is essential for everyone. It keeps you physically fit and mentally active. Along with that, physical activities help you in maintaining your stamina because of which you can do many difficult tasks easily. Workout at the beginning seems to be difficult, but with the passage of time, you get used to it. For the beginners, there are specific precautionary measures that must be taken to get used to it and make it a part of your daily routine. There are some special exercises for the beginners, which warm up the body and are beneficial to perform to live a healthy life. Some of these activities are as follows:


Dumbbells are the great start for a simple exercise if you want to stay fit and want to make your muscles. They not only strengthen your muscles but your shoulders too. In this, you hold the dumbbells either in your one or both the hands and then lift your hands up towards the shoulders. You can find the dumbbells on Best dumbbell sets with racks.

Rectus Abdominis Exercise

This exercise is very essential. It helps in strengthening your body throughout the day as it strengthens your stomach. Physicians worldwide recommend that everyone should perform this exercise for at least 5 minutes daily. To perform this activity cover the area from sternum all the way down to the pelvis bone. It pulls the upper torso to the hips.

Weighted Vest

It helps you in getting the training as a warrior. The way the military officer carry extra weight with them is something challenging to do. It makes them tough and more physically strong. Therefore to get physical training done like that of a warrior you can use the weighted vest. It allows you to perform a variety of exercises such as climbing, walking, jogging, pull-ups and pushes ups.


Swimming is another appropriate exercise for the beginners. It is an exercise which involves force against our weight. In it, one force is applied force to resist our weight and another force to move forward. These forces combine with the movement of arms and legs burn our calories much efficiently. Along with that strengthen our biceps and triceps.


This exercise is performed in a prone position where the lower body parts are raised with the help of your arms. Almost everyone performs this standard exercise. In it, one balances his body on his toes and hands and then lift the upward body direction. Scapular muscles and rotator cuff muscles are developed if performed push-ups are done the right way which contributes to stabilizing the shoulders.

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