5 Quick Exercises to Get a Bigger Back In No Time

Hey there! Wanna bulk up muscles? But to look like a movie star, it’s not enough to buff those biceps and abs. Looking good from the front isn’t the only thing that matters. If you want an awesome and well-balanced physique, you should pay attention to your back too. Building your back musculature isn’t only about good looks, though. It helps you balance out your strength and endurance, making the best of your body.

❗️ Be sure to do some warm-up before you go! Warming up is essential for any kind of strength exercise, but in this case, it’s crucial because you’re dealing with your back. If you hurt any of your muscles there, there’s a chance of nerve or even spinal damage, which can lead to some serious repercussions. ❗️

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#1. Good morning 1:50
#2. Pull-ups 3:04
#3. Barbell rows 4:17
#4. Lawnmower row 5:23
#5. Knee roll 6:25
Simple rules you should follow 8:02

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– Good morning trains your hamstrings along with your lower back, providing the strength needed to support your spine when you go further in your workout. The important details about this exercise are that you should never bend at the waist or crane your neck to look in front of you.
– Pull-ups target your lats along with other back muscles. The thing is that the wider your grip, the harder it is to do, but the more intense is the training.
– Barbell rows are perfect for developing a broad and powerful back as it targets all the back muscles I mentioned in the beginning. Just make sure you lift a weight that’s suitable for you and not too heavy, otherwise you can feel pain in the lower back.
– With lawnmower rows, you’ll be able to target either side of your back individually. This is good because with a smaller target you feel your muscles better and can control the strain.
– Knee roll is a finishing exercise for today’s workout, and it targets your core and lower back again.
– Don’t do this routine every day — give yourself a break and repeat the workout once every two or even three days. In the meantime, perform workouts that target other muscles. This way, you’ll be able to develop your body in a balanced manner.
– If you feel pain or unpleasant sensation in any part of your body, and especially the lower back, stop immediately and check if your form is correct.
– For barbell and dumbbell exercises, when you feel it’s become too easy for you to perform too many reps, just add more weight.

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