Slow v Fast Centrifugal Juicers on Apple Juice

Thinking of buying a juicer? This is something you need to see!

Our views on the juice quality difference when using a slow or low speed juicer compared to a high speed or centrifugal juicer. We recommend you re-create this test at home if you can, because the difference is remarkable with cold pressed apple juice being stable and green, while high speed apple juice turns brown in the glass right in front of you!

We feel this is a solid reason to use a cold press juicer if possible. Of course, any freshly made juice is a good thing, but why not maximize health benefits by using a cold press juicer.

In this test we used a juiceproducer KT2200 vertical slow juicer and a Breville JE4 centrifugal Juicer.

The point of this test is to show how the centrifugal juicer produces an lower quality of apple juice that oxidises (changes colour) immediately after making. While the cold pressed juicer makes a higher quality, non oxidised, stable apple juice that is more nutritious and can be stored and enjoyed throughout the day.

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