Life Processes – 2 (Chapter 6) | Heterotrophic nutrition | CBSE Class 10 Science | Biology

Life Processes – 2 (Chapter 6) | Heterotrophic nutrition | CBSE Class 10 Science | Biology

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Hello students, here in this video we are going to study the topic as, Heterotrophic nutrition of chapter Life Processes from class 10 science.

Topics covered in this video:

0:51 – Enzymes
3:23 – Nutrition in Amoeba
3:53 – Process of nutrition in Amoeba
9:08 – Paramecium

First start with, what is Enzymes?


Enzymes are juice like substances secreted by organs in living organisms which act as bio-catalyst in biochemical reactions inside the body.

Now Human digestive system is not simple. It is very complicated.
So, we can take one simple organism and understand it, then we can easily learn nutrition in human.

Nutrition in Simple Animals
Amoeba and paramecium are two very simple unicellular animals. In unicellular animals, all the processes of nutrition are performed by a single cell.

Nutrition in Amoeba

– Amoeba eats tiny plants and animals as food which floats in water in which it lives.
– The mode of nutrition in Amoeba is holozoic.
– The process of obtaining food by Amoeba is called phagocytosis.

The process of Nutrition in Amoeba

1). Amoeba captures food near its body through pseudopodia to form a food vacuole.

2). Enzymes enter food vacuole from the cytoplasm. The enzymes convert the taken food to smaller substances which can be absorbed by the body.

3). The digested food diffuses out to reach to the entire body.

4). The body uses food for growth, etc.

5). The cell membrane of amoeba ruptures at any point to throw out waste material.

Now we get five (5) main steps for the process of Nutrition as,

1) Ingestion: The process of taking food inside the body.

2) Digestion: The process of converting eaten food to smaller molecules

3) Absorption: The process of distribution of digested food to body parts.

4) Assimilation: The process of using food for growth, repair or making of cells.

5) Egestion: The process of removal of undigested food from the body.

Nutrition in Paramecium

– Paramecium is also a tiny unicellular animal which lives in water. It has hair like structure called cilia.

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