Killer Vegetarian Lasagna Non-Dairy Yummy!!!!

1/2 hour to prepare this super tasty non-dairy vegetarian lasagna that rocks! Even the finicky meat and cheesers love this stuff! Vid shows beginning to end. Originally from Ricky Brandino this has been conveniently renamed Uncle Tom’s Non-Dairy Vegetarian Lasagna. Make some and drop a note or post a video of your outcome. This is a deep dish 4″ pan so it’s a hearty recipe and easy to tailor to your own needs. Have fun!

By the way, I now use 2 of the disposable pans and just do one layer of each of the spinach/onion mix and the the tofu mix. It’s not as tall but still big and amazing and with 2 pans you can save one for later. Usually we partially freeze the 2nd pan then cut it into pieces and freeze them in baggies for nuking later for lunches. We have a bit of the tofu mix left over which is great with anything including noodles and marinara.


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