Juicing green juice with average blender & paint strainer

In this video I make green juice (Kale,Carrot,Spinach) with an average blender and a paint strainer in place of a nut milk bag. It’s a lot cheaper then a nut milk bag and a $400 + blender. Though I will buy one day buy one. But I may never have to, which would save me a lot of money. (Add an ice cube or two to keep it cold if you must)

The bottom line is every video I watch has an expensive blender so I wanted to show people just to use the blender they have at the moment and get a paint strainer, until they get that high powered one.

Hmmm Spinach, carrot, kale juice, delicious.

Side note: Some people have concerns about the paint strainer not being food grade. I have used mine four years without issue, will continue to and and have had great health results. But still alternatives would be cheese cloth, nut milk bags and some people have even said panty hose.

Update: I had a ninja blender and I was using this method. The ninja broke in 6 months. My blender from this video still works, but I prefer my handcrank wheatgrass juicer for all my juices and I still strain it cause I hate pulp. Thanks for watching.


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