Free nutrition education school

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Nutrisolutions was started in 2010 to create awareness on healthy eating. Free Nutrition awareness to deserving crowd and rural area and students,the future citizens are the major focus. Ripples created from the love and passion created by painful situations of transformation made me aware that it’s good to share all my love inside the heart for a genuine cause and right knowledge about food and emotions make them better and uplifting the spirit with a touch of truth and love is the best form of service and love to be a part of this campaign-“ A zero hunger world by 2030 “ but I talked more about mind and self respect or inner child as the world crave more for love than food . Self love an healing is the first and best step – Gayathriasokannutrisolutions
Thanks to #bhavansschool varunodhaya at #npol campus for inviting me to share my thoughts and passion.
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