f1900 Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer – Product Overview!

We’ve created a video showing the wonderful features of the new Fridja f1900 Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer Product Overview!


So this is our new f1900 whole fruit juicer, Sergio! He’s a bit like our last juicer, but better! We took a 5 star juicer and and tweaked it for 2018. Sergio makes fantastic juices, sorbets, nut milks and fruit ice cream, but even better. The big thing we improved was the feeding chute, because now, it tilts.

When the feeding chute tilts, the fruits and vegetables never get stuck, and you never waste any produce. Fruits and vegetables just fall in.

Our huge 75mm feeding tube means that you can feed in whole fruits without cutting them up. That means you get drinking juice fast. Really fast. Less chopping, less preparing, less wasting time, more juice.

Sergio is amazing for juice because Sergio is a masticating juicer. Your fruit and vegetables are slowly squeezed in a cool, calm and quiet manner to extract every drop of goodness, whilst leaving super dry pulp. That means that not only is your juicing experience is zen, but you get as much juice as possible out of fruits and vegetables. It also means that your fruits and vegetables don’t react with oxygen, like with a centrifugal juicer.

Centrifugal juicer comparison shot – Centrifugal juicers use loud spinning blades to force and rip apart your fruit, which destroys enzymes and nutrients. This makes them react with oxygen to produce juice that separates and goes brown, gross. Masticating juicers don’t and retain more of the good stuff. Plus Philip Schofield likes masticating juicers, don’t you Philip?

The f1900 is your daily beast for juicing. Looking for better skin? Juice. Looking for better hair? Juice. If you want to diet, if you want to ensure you’re getting your vitamins and nutrients, if you want to get the nutrients from a whole bag of carrots, but don’t fancy like eating a whole bag of carrots. It’s all about juicing. Active people should be consuming between 8-10 vegetables and fruits a day, but who has the time for that? However juice can unlock a whole world of goodness for you and your family and be consumed in seconds.

Green juice, orange juice, carrot juice. It’s all easy. Juice kale, juice spinach, juice lemons, all these raw ingredients are an amazing source of antioxidants. And you can always store them in the fridge. This can be perfect for your healthy fit, proactive streamlined lifestyle!

On the other hand, who likes a cocktail? (points at liquor bottles/shakes a cocktail shaker). If you’d like to see our favourite hard cold press juices, let us know in the comments. Whilst you’re there, like and subscribe? Thank you!

Sometimes you also want the fibre, and that’s awesome because Sergio is awesome at making smoothies as well. Take partially thawed frozen fruit, feed into the chute and out comes a gorgeous smoothie, with all that pulp.

If you wanted to move away from cows milk or cut down on dairy, nut milks are an amazing alternative. Take almonds or your favourite nuts and soak them overnight. When you’re ready just ladle them into the juicer and you get amazing nut milk. Wouldn’t it be amazing to avoid going to the shops to buy milk?

Sergio is also an absolute don for fruit ice cream. Just take some frozen bananas, and feed them into the machine with anything you like. Fruit ice cream. An absolute guilt free dessert. Imagine if you ate that every night instead of a sugary alternative!

Thanks for checking out the Fridja gorgeous f1900 juicer. To begin a long and fruitful relationship with Sergio, get next day delivery at fridja.com. Show us the love by going cray cray on that like button, check out our new handheld clothes steamer by clicking on this video here and keep up with our latest products on YouTube, by hitting that subscribe button. Ciao for now!

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