Different Types of Cleanses explained, Fasting Juicing Enemas Parasites

Water fasting, juice fasting, parasite cleanses, smoothies and the raw food diet are explained by Markus Rothkranz and when to take powders and when not to take them. There are many types of cleanses for detoxing and detoxification like those that involve fruit, green juice, enemas, water fasting, veggie juices, vegetable juicing, greens, and green formula. What herbs do I take? What herbs are best for cleaning out parasites? Should one do a parasite cleanse while on a water fast? What fruits, veggies or greens are best for fasting? What is the difference between a water fast and a lemon water fast? What are the best fasting instructions? Find out the best time to do a fast and when is the best time to take herbs. Yes green smoothies and green juices are great, but know when to take them and in what order. Markus Rothkranz explains his easy fasting instructions.

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