What is “Impulse Control Disorder”?

Impulse control disorder is having low impulse control. Children may say, “I see something I like, some ice cream, I want it, I will go get it”. That’s what people refer to as “low impulse control” or “impulse control disorder”. When one cannot integrate something inbetween the thought and the action that’s impulsive behaviour. People do not lose impulse control over night. They do not become addicted over night. That’s a very naive sort of concept. People learn better impulse control over certain activities and certain objects, and lesser impulse control over certain activities and certain objects. The better it makes you feel the less impulse control you’re going to have over it. Ask any dieter. It doesn’t evolve over night, so over time there’s a practice of not listening to your own better judgment, and acting upon that which you think or feel. Strong impulse control problems develop, and ultimately can turn into an addiction such as impulse control disorder. For more information visit http://www.aaalternatives.com


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