Overcome Social Anxiety Using These 3 Techniques (Try This)

This video will transform the way you see and feel about social anxiety while also give techniques for moving through it. Overcoming Social Anxiety is about going with and changing the way you relate to other people and the way you see yourself. This video gives those tools and techniuqes.

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’ll be sharing with you how to overcome social anxiety and three techniques to help you do that.

“Now with this process, and something I think you can just find so powerful, is knowing that many times when we feel anxiety, anxiety could easily be the emotion of excitement if we took the judgment and the label off of it. It’s the idea that any time we experience something new, i.e. we’re in a social environment and we’re around new people, and we then have the feeling of anxiety, it could simply be the feeling of excitement. It’s just going through a belief system, it’s going through a filter in our mind, that converts it into a negative thing. It’s almost like that negative definition itself is what causes the anxiety to begin with. I haven’t even got into the three techniques I’m going to share, but that alone can allow you to really transmute it from being that feeling of anxiety to sitting there and saying, “Wait a minute, could this be excitement for something new, and is there some type of negative definition I’m imposing on this feeling, and therefore getting that result?”

“Now I’ve been someone that’s felt social anxiety many times before, and especially because of the way that I grew up. Let me give you a little backstory real quick. Between the ages of me being about 9 to 15, my dad was married to someone that was my ex-step-mom. She was very intense when it comes to discipline. We were allowed to watch TV before. We were allowed to have friends before. All of a sudden, when they got married, we weren’t allowed to watch television, we weren’t allowed to have friends, and all we were really allowed to do was yard work, house work, or go to school. It was like a very military-type style.

“Between that time, of course we went to school, of course we still had interaction there, but we weren’t able to really have that casual interaction of being socially at a party or something like that. Then 15 came around and a little bit before that my dad divorced her. When that happened, all of a sudden me and my brother are very excited because we’re allowed to have friends, we’re allowed to watch TV, which was something we weren’t allowed to do for that whole period in our life, and I had to learn how to relate to people. I had to learn how to not be so anxious around other people.

“I remember, looking back at this, maybe I didn’t know all this information now, but when I look back at this, one thing that really helped me go through, which is the first one I’m going to share with you, is to change the story that you tell yourself and to change the attachment that you have. If you go out into public and you always believe that you feel anxiety when you’re around other people, it’s almost like you’ve been conditioning yourself to feel that emotion where you could simply decide you are going to change that story. As you change the story and you simply realize, hey, I’m just going to decide right now that that doesn’t have to have power over me in the present moment, that’s when things began to shift.

“For a period of time I was always thinking to myself, “I lost this period of my childhood and I wasn’t around people.” I realized that that didn’t help me, and that, in a way, influenced or emphasized that kind of experience. I remember, even if I went to a party with friends that were already my friends after I started making friends, I would still feel that anxiety. It always came from making it all about me. When I would go somewhere I’d put all the focus on what will other people think about me. But the moment I decided to put that energy out to simply have fun, have more of a sharing-type vibe, which is just loosening up about it, that’s when things really began to change. But I had to let go of that story and I had to be more present to the moment.

“Now the second technique I have for you involves understanding how to simply loosen up and have fun. Now the reason I say this is because, a lot of times when we’re in and feeling social anxiety, it’s coming simply from such a seriousness, like life is so serious. It doesn’t have to be. Life can be more fun. Life can be something that we learn how to really ping off other people and collaborate with other people. To do that, one technique you can use is to simply decide to start laughing more often. See things as funny, because then, when you go into that social environment, you can see that the anxiety itself is kind of funny. Maybe you realize that you can just talk to other people…

This video is about Overcome Social Anxiety in 3 steps (Try This)


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