Navigating your child’s teen years can be a challenge. Some topics are simpler than others when it comes to offering advice. Dating, puberty, and driving can be major milestone events for your teenagers and no doubt they will have questions. Let’s discuss everything from your teenager’s fear of rejection toRead More →

We now know more than ever, the better the fat choices in your child’s life…the better their brain performance will be. So the next time you plan a family meal or a healthy snack, consider what brain foods are on the kitchen table. Good fat from essential fatty acids (fats thatRead More →

“Interviews with Jivanmukti” on vital spiritual questions and topics. This video is a Spiritual Transmission and addresses questions of spirituality, family life and children, upbringing of children and the best way to pass on knowledge to the children and future generations, family values, and social values, well-being and spiritual evolution,Read More →

About Childhood Leukemia Cancer Leukemia is the most common form of childhood cancer today, accounting for nearly one-third of all childhood cancer diagnoses in the United States. A blood-based cancer that begins in the soft inner part of the bone called the bone marrow, childhood leukemia is classified into threeRead More →