[ad_1] About Childhood Leukemia Cancer Leukemia is the most common form of childhood cancer today, accounting for nearly one-third of all childhood cancer diagnoses in the United States. A blood-based cancer that begins in the soft inner part of the bone called the bone marrow, childhood leukemia is classified intoRead More →

[ad_1] I consider myself a food allergy mom. My oldest child (now 6.5) spent her preschool life being allergic to eggs and shellfish. I have gotten pretty used to my daughter’s epinephrine auto-injector never leaving my side. Last week we celebrated how much smaller her list of current food allergiesRead More →

Getting Them To Look Up From The Screen: A Parent'...

[ad_1] The message to parents: You play an important role in your child’s motivation to live healthy. Kids need help to stay focused and on track. Research shows that parents who set a healthy and active example tend to have healthy and active kids. The benefits of regular physical activity andRead More →

[ad_1] Spring training is in full swing right now. Professional baseball players have migrated south to start honing their skills and getting ready for the long baseball season that lies ahead. Similarly, youth baseball and softball programs are also starting practice to get ready for the upcoming season. Softball and baseballRead More →