You may be tempted to ignore it if you notice a small amount of blood when you brush your teeth. However, bleeding gums are often a sign of gum disease and shouldn’t be ignored. Promptly treating bleeding gums can help prevent serious damage to your teeth and gums later on.Read More →

Morning breath is unpleasant at best and is debilitating at worst. Waking up with a dry, sticky tongue and foul breath is disagreeable in itself, but facing a spouse, roommate, or family member with morning breath can be particularly embarrassing. It’s not surprising that about two thirds of people worryRead More →

Fighting Fat with Pinpoint Accuracy

They’re the two most oft-mentioned methods of weight loss: diet and exercise. There’s good reason you keep hearing those words. Their effects are not just physical, but mental, which allows you to build off of your accomplishments and push yourself further. Your physical health or appearance can affect your mental health, whichRead More →