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Hey Lovely people! Here is a much-requested supplement video. These are all the supplements I personally take. Yes, i am sponsored by Women’s best but as you can see I spoke about the product, not the brand as I want to be as fair and honest as possible. SMOOTHIE RECIPE:Read More →

It seems like nutrition studies contradict a lot, and it’s practically impossible to get a straight answer on whether a given food or supplement is good for you. But why? Hosted by: Olivia Gordon Head to for hand selected artifacts of the universe! ———- Support SciShow by becoming aRead More →

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GUYS IT IS TIME for more lazy vegan snacks! This video features milkshake – smoothies, protein filled cookie bites, cheesy hummus dips and a lazy summer-y dessert which reminds me of an ice cream Sundae. Simple and more or less healthy after school vegan snack ideas. Hope you enjoy!! IfRead More →