Many people battle with impulsiveness and suffer with the results of an impulsive lifestyle. In this television interview Dr. Bill Baker explores our battle with impulsiveness and the types of impairment caused by the unhealthy pattern. In his discussion he lays the foundation for high self-control, the solution for impulsiveness,Read More →

What happens inside the brain of a gambling addict when they make a bet – and can the secret to their addiction be found within the brain itself? BBC Panorama filmed a unique experiment designed to find out. Wendy Bendel’s partner killed himself after struggling with a 20-year gambling addiction.Read More →

Impulse control disorder is having low impulse control. Children may say, “I see something I like, some ice cream, I want it, I will go get it”. That’s what people refer to as “low impulse control” or “impulse control disorder”. When one cannot integrate something inbetween the thought and theRead More →

Watch more How to Understand Addiction videos: Kleptomania is this irresistible urge to steal something of insignificant value. So they’re not stealing for the value of the thing that they’re taking, they’re stealing for the high that they get, the adrenaline rush that they get from taking the risk.Read More →