If you are the parent of an anxious child, you probably find yourself occasionally wondering whether or not you have done something “wrong,” something that made your child develop a perpetually worried mind. While such concerns are normal, you can rest assured that the answer is likely “no”; an elevatedRead More →

Though children are educated about the physical aspects of sex at school, they still rely on their parents to teach them about the emotional and psychological components of sexuality; as such, parents play an essential role in the development of healthy sexuality. Parents model behaviours and espouse views that showRead More →

Middle school is generally believed to be the most troubling transitional period in a child’s life. The abrupt change of moving from one school to another is followed by hormonal shifts, social upheaval, and a sudden driving need for independence that often causes stress at home. It is within thisRead More →

When most people think of a child with ADHD, they imagine a precocious youngster who never stops moving and rarely stops talking—a child who, in other words, embodies extreme extroversion. Nine times out of ten, this mental image depicts a little boy. Indeed, many parents who are not deeply familiarRead More →

Confidence, like education, provides an integral foundation for success, fulfillment, and happiness. A confident child will typically experience better interpersonal relationships, be more open to new opportunities, and have an enhanced sense of well-being. Likewise, children with a healthy self-esteem usually exhibit fewer behavioural problems. As a child psychologist, IRead More →

Having your child sometimes wake up and cry out in fear, or come running into your room desperate for you to protect him from a “monster” is a troubling yet relatively common experience. Though basic parental support and comfort (i.e. the offering of physical affection and assurances of safety), isRead More →

Getting Them To Look Up From The Screen: A Parent'...

The message to parents: You play an important role in your child’s motivation to live healthy. Kids need help to stay focused and on track. Research shows that parents who set a healthy and active example tend to have healthy and active kids. The benefits of regular physical activity and aRead More →